Death Penalty

” Recently in the news and I’m sure most have heard about the botched execution, this is a small write up about some challenges states are facing in preforming Lethal Injection.”

- Uday Law office

Death Penalty and botched execution:

The Death penalty is an option in our great state of Utah. The legal way to carry out this sentence and favored way by most states is lethal injection, but that method has become problematic and is under increased scrutiny following the death of Clayton Lockett, who died of a heart attack in Oklahoma after undergoing, “botched execution”.  The standards in which we are preforming these executions are falling short of humane standards. The original concoction of drugs used to perform lethal injection has become sparse, forcing states to experiment with new combinations.

For about 30 years the primary death penalty method used was a three drug protocol, consisting of barbiturate, or anesthetic; a muscle relaxant to create paralysis, and a drug that would stop the heart.  Ironically this method came out of Oklahoma and was first used in Texas successfully and then soon after, all but one state had adopted it.  The restrictions on drug exports by Europe in 2011 is what has caused the problem in using the right 3 drugs, we just can’t get them.

This year alone has resulted in more botched executions than ever before. Some corrections are being made and some movement is happening with the amount of drugs dispensed to condemned prisoners. Recent botches prisoners have taken over 25 minutes to die and they complain that they burn all over. Some say this is what they deserve due to the nature of the crime they committed and some say we as a society should be better people.

While Oklahoma puts executions on hold, this doesn’t mean we will stop execution, some states are very determined to stop this form of execution and we will just have to see how much the federal & supreme courts will have patience for in this experimentation process.